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Thai Bamboo Ratsnake – Oreocryptophis Porphyraceus Coxi

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Thai Bamboo Ratsnake (oreocryptophis porphyraceus coxi). 3 years old. Eats well. About 3′. Eats both small mice and rat fuzzies, not picky.

Unsexed. Breeders, if you are looking for a male or female – let us know and we’ll get it sexed for you. If you are looking for a beautiful display animal – this one is for you.


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Temperature:  Thai Bamboo Ratsnakes (oreocryptophis porphyraceus coxi) are relatively easy animals to keep. The main issue is temperature. These snakes do not do well in long-term high temperatures because they come from humid and cool mountainous environments. This snake does not need to additional heat to keep these snakes (unless your environment is under 60F). On average these snakes are best kept at a temperature in the lower to mid 70s F. Over 80F is dangerous to these animals. They do not need a hot spot. They also enjoy a damp environment. We recommend Forest floor as a great substrate that retains moisture. Higher temperatures can cause these snakes to get stressed, stop feeding and die so mind this in the summer and prevent extreme heat.

CagingThai Bamboo Ratsnakes do not need any branches or high areas to climb. Although they do get active, they typically remain in their hides or burrow in substrate. Most times they are active and out of their hides when they are ready to defecate or hunt for food. They do well in a typical cage (20 gal min as adults) but also do well do well in racks. Since they enjoy a damp environment, keeping the substrate damp is important. We recommend a water sprayer to dampen the substrate at least once a week. Do not soak, just dampen. 

Cleaning: We recommend you replace the substrate every month and do regular spot cleaning. They have a higher metabolism, so typically you’ll need to spot clean at least once a week. They will defecate on top of and in substrate.

SheddingThai Bamboo Ratsnakes shed really well if you have the environment right. They do soak, so make sure their bowl can accommodate their body size. They also use burrowing to help shed, so keeping the substrate damp is particularly important during this time however should be maintained consistently.

Specification: Thai Bamboo Ratsnake – Oreocryptophis Porphyraceus Coxi

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